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Take the guesswork out of your physical, virtual or hybrid environment, and let us help you address your infrastructure challenges.

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The hybrid workforce has created new opportunities for many organizations to evaluate their infrastructure environment and address any shortcomings to modernize and streamline business operations.

An IT infrastructure refresh doesn’t have to be a complicated or costly project. With SHI’s Core Infrastructure solutions, our architects can help you explore the right technologies to meet your requirements without breaking the bank.

Our Core Infrastructure solutions include:
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Core Infrastructure solutions and services

Whether you’re looking to evaluate your current environment, planning ahead for a refresh, or just interested in learning about the latest technologies, our vendor-certified infrastructure experts can address your questions and help you explore our offerings.

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Sometimes things can be surprisingly simple. Designing your server environment to leverage the benefits of virtualization can be one of them. Our data center experts will help you select, deploy, and manage a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.

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Data Storage

Data is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, and needs to be managed accordingly. With SHI’s Data Storage solutions, you can effectively manage data growth, monitor accessibility, keep your data secure and control costs.

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Streamlining your IT environment may be easier than you expect. With services from consulting to implementation, we will help you design a solution that simplifies your infrastructure, reduces costs, and increases reliability.

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Manage and Monitor

Today’s data centers contain a variety of technologies, which makes monitoring and managing them complicated. Our services help you monitor the health of your data center so you can proactively detect and address problems.

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Modern infrastructure supports new ways of working

Changing demands and new work environments have created opportunities for organizations to rethink their budget and examine the way their infrastructure supports their needs. SHI’s Core Infrastructure solutions experts can help you take your business to the next level by assessing, monitoring, securing, and refreshing your data center environment to achieve your ideal infrastructure while remaining within budget.

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An optimized and modernized IT environment to meet your demands

Having an efficient and effective infrastructure will prepare your organization for changing business demands, evolving workforce needs, and future growth. With guidance from SHI to put the right technologies in place, you can transform your organization for a successful tomorrow.

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Scaling for growth

Having an optimized and modernized infrastructure solution not only helps keep your business running smoothly, but it gives you the ability scale when needed, and avoid paying for resources before you need them. SHI’s infrastructure experts can help prepare your infrastructure for growth by finding the right technologies to fit your budget.

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Managing costs

Running a business can be expensive and using outdated hardware and software can often be part of the problem. Updating and keeping your IT infrastructure current may not be as expensive as you think. SHI’s infrastructure experts can make the most of our wide range of partners to identify solutions that will deliver value and keep costs down.

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Securing data

Having a modernized and optimized infrastructure not only improves operational efficiency and keeps expenses under control, but it can also help protect your data from exposure to threats and vulnerabilities. Our cybersecurity experts can help you explore a range of options and identify the security solutions that fit with your business needs.

Our experience supports your solution

A modernized and optimized IT infrastructure can effectively support your business as it grows and changes. With an industry-leading partner network and hundreds of in-house experts, SHI has the knowledge and expertise to support IT environments of all sizes and complexities. We can simplify the adoption of IT technologies so you can focus on your business.

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With you every step of the way

SHI’s has a wide range of specialists who can help with all aspects of your IT infrastructure. From assessment to deployment, SHI’s experts will be with you at every stage of your infrastructure refresh to ensure your environment is adaptable, scalable, and helping you meet your business goals in a measurable way.

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Finding the right technologies

Whether you’re exploring new solutions or need to refresh outdated equipment, SHI will help you select, deploy, and manage the right technologies that fit your budget. With our ever-growing portfolio of technology partners, we can help you navigate solutions from over 15,000 vendors to support your organization’s IT needs.

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Negotiating your IT contracts

Our five thousand ridiculously helpful experts, located across the US and beyond are ideally positioned to leverage SHI's technical expertise and buying power. Our experienced procurement teams can negotiate for your hardware, software and cloud solutions on the right terms at the right price, helping deliver your projects faster.

Discover more ways on how SHI can support your core infrastructure initiatives.

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