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Protect your organization’s most valuable assets

When you work with SHI’s vendor-certified data protection specialists, we help you select, deploy, and manage your data protection solutions.

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Risks to your data vary from accidental breaches of privacy legislation due to poor process and controls, through targeting by thieves who want to steal your data for their own use, to malicious actors who hold it to ransom.

Your data is valuable, so protecting it needs to be a priority. While there is legislation that you need to comply with to protect your customers’ and employees’ personal data, there are also good business reasons not to let this fall into the hands of your competitors. Likewise, you want to protect your intellectual property and confidential business and financial information from getting into the wrong hands.

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Secure your data with confidence

An effective data protection strategy gives you the confidence to focus on your business, your employees, and your customers. SHI’s Data Protection solutions can help you:

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Achieve and maintain compliance

Managing data is a full-time operation that requires organizations to protect sensitive information by adhering to data regulations and compliancy standards wherever they conduct business. Our data protection experts can help you prepare a strategy that protects your data, as well as achieving the necessary regulatory compliance.

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Strengthen your data security

Data security is key to your data protection strategy. Keeping your data secured and protected from unauthorized access gives you added confidence that your most sensitive information is protected. Our data protection experts guide you through the ins and outs of building and implementing a strategy that is secure, flexible, and scalable.

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Optimize processes and costs

Spiraling data growth can quickly result in increased costs and may even render your data protection solution ineffective. SHI can provide the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your data growth against your business operations, enhance your data protection strategy, and minimize costs with a simplified and customized solution.

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Take your data protection strategy to the next level.

Whether hosted in the cloud, on-premises or both, your data is essential to the success of your business. Having an effective and optimized data protection strategy will help keep your organization’s data in compliance, protected and secured. With SHI’s Data Protection solutions and team of certified experts, we offer you a variety of industry-leading technologies to implement a robust data protection strategy that scales with your business needs.

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Our 4-step process to data protection peace of mind

A seamless and scalable data protection solution can support data growth as your business evolves. We’ll use our four-step process to make sure that you have the right processes and technologies in place to keep your data assets safe and secure.


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Initial Consultation and Evaluation

We'll start off by working with you to determine your specific pain points and organizational requirements relating to compliance, retention, recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). From there, our experts will help you design an effective data protection strategy.


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Backup Report Creation and Analysis

Our experts will investigate, analyze, and report on the true size of your incremental and full backups, server and network throughput, the timing and efficiency of backups, and the number of jobs in your process. This will give them, and your internal team, full visibility of the scope and scale of your data protection strategy.


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Analysis, Design, and Recommendation

Once they've done the analysis our data protection experts will then provide you with industry-leading recommendations, and work with you to design a data protection solution that meets your business and compliance requirements and can evolve as your data volumes grow and your needs change.


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Disaster Recovery and Data Replication

Disaster recovery is essential to any data protection solution, and with data at risk from malicious actors, knowing that you can recover it is critical. Our experts can help you asses and evaluate the benefits of cloud-based and on-premises solutions, as well as identifying where online and offline backups are most appropriate.

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