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As hybrid infrastructure becomes more common, an efficient, secure, and cost-effective network that enables connectivity across on-premises and multi-cloud environments is a requirement.

A customer-centric approach and broad technical expertise across all networking architectures means SHI is the right choice to help with your networking initiatives. We know that an agile, flexible network can accelerate the success of your hybrid workforce, as well as provide secure connectivity for your data in motion. SHI offers the perfect blend of vendor-neutral options and certified network experts – across wireless, software-defined, DevOps and NetOps, and more – to ensure your success in deploying your network.

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An agile and flexible network is a requirement as you gear up for a hybrid-everything world

Hybrid workers need secure access to applications, and a thorough understanding of your current hybrid environment is the first step in providing that connectivity. SHI provides a comprehensive network analysis that gives visibility into your hybrid environment, ensuring your end-users have reliable, fast access to your systems wherever they are.

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Improved resilience

It may seem obvious, but your network is what enables all the elements of your IT environment to work together. Designing for resilience minimizes the impact of incidents on operational activity, ensuring that whatever happens your end-users can access systems and data, automated workflows can continue to operate, and your customers get the service they need.

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Improved reliability

In a hybrid world where employees are working flexibly, with unpredictable hours it isn’t just critical systems that need consistent, reliable access with consistent, reliable performance. Latency when accessing systems and data – whether on premises or in the cloud, is frustrating. A robust, modern network contributes to a positive employee experience.

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Cost optimization

Having a clear understanding of your networking requirements will prevent you from overpaying on technologies that you may not need. Based upon our thorough requirements analysis, our networking experts will identify the vendors that align best with your business needs and budget – not just now, but as your organization grows and changes through its digital evolution.

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Stay connected with an efficient, secure, and robust network strategy

Whether your employees are in a single location or are scattered across the world, your network connectivity is the lifeline for your business, your employees, and your customers. With SHI’s industry-leading partner network and networking experts, you have access to the guidance and knowledge to help you develop a strategy that not only meets your requirements but also fits into your budget. Regardless of the size and scope of your environment, we’ll help you select, deploy, and manage the right components to build a robust solution.

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A secure, efficient and cost-effective network solution is only one component of your environment, but it’s a fundamental one. Getting your network design, implementation and management right lays a solid foundation for the rest of your IT investment whether on premises, in the cloud, or in the hands of end-users, wherever they may be.

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Network design and implementation

Our network experts will help you to understand which options work best for your environment and customize a networking solution that supports your business growth. SHI offers support from start to finish, so we’ll review your requirements, design a network and topology solution, implement the design and monitor the project.

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Best practices and remediation

Deploying a solid networking solution is only one piece of the puzzle. Keeping your networking running smoothly is vital. Our experts will help you optimize network configurations and network availability and minimize costs. We work with you to ensure your business operations and employees stay connected wherever they are.

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Wireless network site survey

Having the right wireless coverage will ensure you have sufficient bandwidth to support your end users’ network connectivity needs. As part of an SHI wireless site survey, our experts will help you understand the difference between predictive and passive surveys, ensuring that you reach the right decision and maximize your ROI.

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Selecting the right technology

Making an informed decision on the right networking solution starts with an understanding of the market and a thorough evaluation of potential connectivity vendors. SHI’s networking experts can help you determine which technologies are capable of supporting your networking needs to enable seamless business continuity while enhancing employee productivity.

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