Business Resiliency through Hybrid Infrastructure

Solutions that “keep the lights on” will not cut it anymore

The business landscape has changed for good – and your infrastructure must keep pace. SHI can help you prepare for whatever comes next.

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Hybrid is no longer nice-to-have. As infrastructure increasingly aligns with the organization's business objectives, hybrid is now by design, and must support fast-changing environments dominated by distributed users, devices, applications, and clouds.

SHI has the experience and expertise - a services portfolio that covers strategy, design and deployment of hybrid solutions - to make sense of infrastructure complexities and guide you through the complete lifecycle of all your projects and services.

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Business resiliency is critical, and a prerequisite for this is building in digital infrastructure resiliency.
In fact, when companies look at ensuring the long-term resiliency of their business, 71% of companies respond that they prioritize digital infrastructure resiliency*. * Source: Future IT Leadership Strategies: Building Enterprise Infrastructure and Connectedness, 2021 IDC, Serge Findling, VP of Research, IT Executive Programs Doc #US48170621

Infrastructure Modernization including hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Digital transformation simply can't happen without a foundation of modern digital infrastructure. To help you get there, SHI offers architecture reviews and application and infrastructure assessments, to accelerate your modernization efforts. Our vendor neutral approach starts with an understanding of your business objectives, and outlines the steps required to achieve them.

Workload Migration Services Providing Portability for Business Agility

Organizations are under ever more pressure to support constantly evolving business requirements. These requirements include supporting hybrid workforces, proliferation of modern applications, data center evacuations and more. Fostering innovation and maintaining competitive advantage mean building infrastructure that is agile.

Migration services for Microsoft Azure and AWS

Migrating from an on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure is no small feat - and it's perfectly normal if your IT teams feel overwhelmed. SHI can help, with migration services and support for all major cloud service providers.

To learn how SHI helps you succeed in migrating your workloads to the cloud, contact us for a Cloud Center of Excellence Briefing.

Software-defined solutions

By decoupling management from hardware, IT teams can more easily build and manage their on-premises environments and support business agility. SHI helps design and deploy software-defined solutions, based on the business needs of your hybrid workforce.

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Learn how SHI helps you succeed with hybrid Software-Defined Solutions. Contact us for a Network Transformation Executive Briefing.

Security for the Distributed Enterprise

As users and devices shift toward SaaS and away from legacy applications, across public and private clouds, organizations must invest in more modern security solutions.

SASE Workshop

Remote and hybrid work aren’t going anywhere – and your security must keep up. SASE can provide the roadmap to putting all the right components together, but it can be a somewhat complex process. Networking and security experts from our Advanced Solutions Group can talk you through key objectives, architectures, and priorities to make SASE – and modern, secure infrastructure – a reality.

Secure Access Service Edge
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Secure Access Service Edge 

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Why Collaborate with SHI?

SHI explores your hybrid work initiatives with solution experts, business development managers, solution architects, project managers, our comprehensive partner network, and more to help you effectively plan, deploy, and manage your hybrid environment. Whether you need migration services for any major cloud service provider or a software-defined readiness assessment, we approach your needs with the entire project and service lifecycle in mind.

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