Cloud Storage & Disaster Recovery

When preparing for the worst, work with the best!

Cloud storage and disaster recovery (DR) solutions ensure your organization’s data is secure and available at all times.

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Whether you are new to the cloud or a seasoned expert, SHI’s team of cloud storage architects will help you build a robust storage and DR strategy to protect the business continuity of your organization.

Companies that depend on their IT systems to store their most vital and irreplaceable business records face the looming possibility that they could suffer a catastrophic data loss. SHI helps evaluate and streamline your data storage needs providing public and hybrid cloud options and disaster recovery offerings. We also support you in identifying appropriate disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions for your business.

Cloud Storage

SHI enables you to securely safeguard your data utilizing the cloud and provides recovery options during incidents or disasters.

Data loss and security breaches are becoming increasingly common events in the today’s world. It is not a matter of if, but when a disaster of any kind will happen. Your organization’s information must be protected and readily available at all times in order for your business to survive - even during an unforeseen incident. SHI takes a consultative approach towards identifying your current data environment and proposing the right processes and systems - including various cloud options - for safeguarding your data when a disaster occurs.

Disaster Recovery

Store and back up your data with cloud

SHI enables you to use the cloud to securely store your data.


Scale requirements and costs

Organizations need to scale their data requirements and costs to handle changing business and environmental factors. SHI offers you a seamless data backup experience leveraging cloud, edge-related technologies, and DRaaS solutions that will radically streamline your data, eliminate silos and data complexity, and lead to better infrastructure management.


Reliable backup environment

Concerned over the number of physical and hard drive backups your organization has? SHI will help you define your current backup environment. We will identify different on premises, hybrid, and public cloud options for your data consolidation efforts to ensure efficiency. We will also enable your new data environment to operate securely going forward.


Collaboration and relocation

Organizations need to move their data from specific physical locations when a nearby disaster occurs. SHI assists you in identifying backup sites and new physical locations for your most important data. We support you in creating processes and enabling resources required to transition data in times of a damaging incident to ensure business resilience.


Reduce manual administration

Cloud orchestration and automation tools replace your manual administration activities for required backup efforts. SHI helps redefine your data infrastructure workflow. We evaluate your systems and data requirements and create processes for you to implement new tools, align resources, reduce time, costs, and dependencies, and streamline repetitive tasks.


Provide enhanced agility

Prioritizing which content is critical for your recovery is difficult. Since SHI has served over 15,000 clients with different data requirements, we have seen it all and use our experience and expertise in data management and cloud to help you identify key data resources and the best way to access, safeguard, and back up key assets when a disaster occurs.

Empower cloud to store and back up your data when disaster strikes

Protecting critical data is of the utmost importance to any organization. Data loss or unavailability can put the best companies out of business, especially as volumes grow, regulations are revised, or when a disaster strikes. That’s why for almost as long as there’s been data, there have been data backups. As your primary data continues to grow and your requirements for backups include cloud, enabling greater levels of automation, or support during disaster recovery efforts, SHI is here to help support and resolve your data needs.

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