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The perfect desktop experience on any device, wherever, and whenever.

SHI’s Virtual Desktops (also known as “VDI”) provide a scalable solution to keep your employees productive and secure.

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Whether you’re supporting remote-based employees or securing personal devices with access to business applications, VDI lets you adapt to whatever your people need, wherever they are, and on any device.

Following industry best practices and working with all the major Virtual Desktop technology providers, SHI’s experts are uniquely positioned to help you select, deploy, and manage the ideal solution for your organization’s needs.

Our experts will help you strategize, assess, deploy, and upgrade or migrate your desktop virtualization solution to ensure a successful implementation that meets all your business and end-user goals.

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Desktop Virtualization solutions that meet your needs

Our experts will help find the right VDI solution for you, built to meet the needs of your workforce location, IT strategy and budgeting expectations. We will explore all available options, including:

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With an on-premises VDI solution, the hardware required to host the virtual desktops is located either in your own data center or at a third-party colocation facility. No matter where it is hosted, your organization is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the hardware required to host the virtual desktops. In addition, your organization’s IT team is responsible for monitoring and managing all aspects of the VDI solution, including patching and upgrading the VDI software when necessary.

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When the hardware required to host the virtual desktops is hosted in the cloud using cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions from providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google, your organization is no longer responsible for purchasing and maintaining the hardware required to host the virtual desktops. Your organization’s IT team, however, is still responsible for monitoring and managing all aspects of the VDI solution, including patching and upgrading the VDI software when necessary.

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Regardless of whether the hardware required to host the virtual desktops is hosted on-premises or in the cloud, your organization’s IT department is responsible for monitoring and managing all aspects of the VDI solution, including maintaining day-to-day performance, and patching and upgrading the VDI software when necessary. An unmanaged environment is often chosen by larger organizations with a large IT department that is able to manage and have full control over a complex VDI environment.

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Often referred to as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a managed VDI solution puts the responsibility of monitoring and managing the VDI environment into the hands of a third-party DaaS provider. The underlying VDI hardware and software can be hosted on your premises, at a data center provided by the DaaS provider, or in the cloud. A managed environment is often chosen by smaller organizations that do not have the internal IT resources available to devote to managing a complex VDI environment.

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A better way to bring VDI to life

Leave the limitations of traditional on-premises desktop virtualization behind with SHI’s fully managed alternative. Our experienced teams can plan and deploy scalable, reliable, consistent, secure end-user experiences no matter where your people are, or what devices they’re using. Our established partnerships with industry-leading vendors allow us to work with just the right technologies to meet the current and planned needs of your increasingly hybrid workforce - while freeing your IT resources from the need to manage back-end infrastructure.

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Why choose SHI for VDI

Implementing SHI’s Virtual Desktop solutions opens the door to smarter deployment of apps and services to increasingly hybrid end-users, wherever they’re located.

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Desktop Virtualization Strategy Engagement

Know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there? Our desktop virtualization strategy engagement will:

  • Identify use cases based on user groups and related requirements
  • Assess existing IT infrastructure
  • Identify and prioritize gaps
  • Evaluate alternative desktop virtualization solutions
  • Develop a desktop virtualization strategy specific to the needs of your organization
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Desktop Virtualization Current-State Overview

Already have an existing desktop virtualization solution but it isn’t meeting your needs? We will assess your existing environment and remediate any issues found with:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Scalability

We’ll leverage our global expertise and partner relationships to boost security, meet end-user requirements, maximize uptime, and ensure scalability.

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Desktop Virtualization Deployment Engagement

Make your desktop virtualization strategy a reality. Our desktop virtualization deployment engagement will help you:

  • Identify the optimal virtualization platform and related hardware
  • Deploy the base hardware and software
  • Configure the virtualization software to meet your needs
  • Test the virtual desktop solution
  • Ensure end-user implementation of the virtual desktop solution
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Desktop Virtualization Upgrade and Migration

Need to upgrade, patch, or migrate an existing desktop virtualization solution? Our consultants can:

  • Patch the existing environment to reduce exposure and risk
  • Upgrade/replace hardware/software to improve performance and supportability
  • Migrate from one on-premises solution to another or a cloud-based solution to streamline management processes and drive cost efficiencies

Advice for successfully implementing a virtual desktop solution

Before implementing a new virtual desktop solution, SHI’s Senior Director of End-User Solutions, Michael McCracken, recommends you consider the following best practices:


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Define top goals and identify use-cases

What are you aiming to achieve through implementing a virtual desktop solution? Hard cash savings? Compliance? IT governance? Defining who your end users are — and the specific use-cases you’re envisioning — will ensure your plans are based on the right requirements.


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Explore both on-premises and cloud

Just as traditional workloads are increasingly transitioning to the cloud, virtual desktop environments are experiencing a similar migration. One size does not fit all, and you must study the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and solution provider.


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Take time to properly plan the deployment

Map out your detailed virtual desktop deployment plan in advance and ensure you prioritize communication with key stakeholders. This will minimize the project’s potential for end-user disruption - and maximize your ability to meet their near- and long-term needs.


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Measure business outcomes

After the virtual desktop solution has been deployed, assess the solution to ensure it meets the business and end-user goals that were identified at the beginning of the project. Collaborate with all key stakeholders to address and resolve any identified gaps.

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