Digital Workplace Solutions

Teamwork and productivity at home, in the office, or on the move

Streamline processes and enable your workforce to collaborate in real time and get work done now, not later.

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With help from experts at SHI you can build and deliver solutions that ensure your teams are effective, employees are empowered, and customers satisfied.

At SHI, we know that the Digital Workplace is changing and that you need to empower your users to be productive, collaborative, and creative whether they're working in an owned office space, a shared workspace, at home, or even on the move. That's why we’ve built our solutions around the three experiences that matter most in the Digital Workplace: employee experience, workplace experience, and customer experience.

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SHI provides a range of specialized solutions to enable your IT teams and workforce to stay connected and productive whatever technology they use, wherever they are.

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SHI Mobile

Keep your remote and hybrid workforces connected and productive with unrivaled, multi-carrier LTE data connectivity. With just a single SIM or eSIM, SHI Mobile always ensures the fastest and most secure broadband connectivity.

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Zero Touch X Deployment

Accelerate your hardware deployment and increase user satisfaction with innovative, over-the-air provisioning (OTAP) solutions that work for all major platforms and device types. End users can be up and running within minutes of devices being delivered.

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Communications & Collaboration

Let SHI’s experts help you select, build, and deliver a tailored Communications and Collaboration strategy that encourages discussion and collaboration between colleagues, and supports them to maximize productivity across your workforce.

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Virtual Desktop Solutions

Virtual desktop (VDI) solutions increase flexibility, making business applications accessible to employees from personal devices in a secure way. Choose the right virtualization solution for your workforce and use cloud technologies to reduce cost.

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Visual Solutions

Digital displays are a vital tool for sharing up-to-date information in public spaces. Whether your digital displays live in corporate lobbies or retail storefronts, we can design, install, and manage a visual solution that’s right for you.

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Printing & Imaging Solutions

Whether you know your print requirements like the back of your hand, or need help outlining your optimal environment, our certified print specialists can help you optimize your fleet to increase production while lowering operational costs.

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Connect your employees like never before.

Changing working practices, and the availability of an increasing range of tools to support them, mean that employees are working differently. The need to collaborate at a distance – in terms of both geography and time zone – means that communications preferences are changing. Along with this, expectations of technology are increasing. Building a collaboration experience strategy with SHI could be the key to keeping your employees happy and productive.

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From cloud-based collaboration platforms to on-premises systems that revolutionize team meetings, SHI’s Digital Workplace experts will help you meet some of your organization’s most important goals.

Effective digital workplace solutions are key to employee engagement and have become more so as the physical workplace has become increasingly fragmented. Ensuring that your employees have a consistent experience and can remain productive regardless of location ensures that teams stay engaged and connected, while reaping the benefits of increased flexibility and resilience.

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Optimize user productivity

Providing your end users with the ability to seamlessly share, collaborate and communicate with colleagues, customers and partners in ways that suit the work they do, and their preferred work styles dramatically improves productivity by removing friction and frustrations. With increased flexibility, many of the barriers to productivity disappear.

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Improve employee experience

A happy workforce is key to achieving both growth in both sales and improved customer satisfaction. Implementing an SHI digital workplace solution is tangible evidence of your willingness to invest in the ability of your workforce to engage and collaborate, which can lead to improved employee retention, and increased productivity and innovation.

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Improve collaboration

SHI digital workplace solutions simplify problem solving and information sharing, making it easier for teams to be creative and innovative. The easier it is for your end users to share information and work together to solve problems quickly, the better the quality of their work, and their ability to take additional challenges.

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Attract and retain top talent

Having up to date technology and effective digital tools are key to both attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly digital world. Your employees want to be able to do the best possible job that they can, and technology shouldn’t get in their way. SHI’s digital workplace solutions give them the tools they need to make the best of their abilities.

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Increase customer satisfaction

"Communication is key to customer satisfaction. Good communication in a difficult situation can save it. Likewise, plenty of business is lost through poor communication. Efficient systems and effective tools allow your employees to be more responsive to customers, and higher employee satisfaction will mean better engagements

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Support restructuring

SHI digital workplace solutions are uniquely positioned to help you synergize, align, and empower a disparate workforce that has been brought together through restructure or acquisition. These solutions are quick to implement, connecting all employees using the same tools, overcoming both geographical distances and organizational silos.

Our ridiculously helpful people - your superior business outcomes.

Optimizing your digital workplace isn’t only about managed services, but also having access to the right technology. SHI has hundreds of technical experts with product, licensing, and service implementation experience that can simplify the adoption of IT technologies on your behalf. With SHI, you're not only getting industry-leading technical expertise at every stage of your digital workplace evolution, but we work with an ever-growing portfolio of the very best technology vendors.

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Expertise as early as the planning stage

SHI’s world-class technical advice provides the insight that you need to build your digital workplace strategy. We work with you to find the right mix of established and emerging technologies and trends, so that your entire digital workplace ecosystem is innovative, scalable, and helping you meet your business goals in a measurable way.

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Identify the technology you need to succeed

Our experts will help you select, deploy, and manage the most appropriate solutions from the huge range that our 15,000 technology partners have to offer. Not only that, but we’ll combine them with services from our own growing portfolio of solutions – from consultancy to managed services – to ensure seamless implementation.

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Supporting your technology procurement

Five thousand ridiculously helpful and knowledgeable specialists across the US and beyond are ideally positioned to leverage SHI's formidable technical expertise and buying power to help deliver against your digital workplace and business needs, faster, and at a lower cost. We can even help you negotiate contract terms and conditions.

Realize your Digital Workplace vision with SHI

Your digital workplace isn’t a static environment. It is constantly evolving based on business needs, changing workforce, customer demands and environmental factors. Keeping your technology up to date can seem a daunting task, but with SHI’s help it doesn’t have to be.


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Strategy and Design

Through workshops, assessments, and strategy sessions, SHI’s experts will ensure that they understand your business, help you to refine your goals, and work with you to build a Digital Workplace strategy that meets both your needs and your budget.


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Implementation and Configuration

With professional installation and configuration services including Zero Touch X deployment for all your device needs, our experts will seamlessly combine the right devices, software and hardware to build and deliver your ideal Digital Workplace experience.


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Training and Support

Empower users to realize the full benefits of your Digital Workplace solution with a range of expert-led end-user and technical training courses delivered by the same organization that built your solution. Keep your environment optimized with managed services.

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