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As an industry leader in empowering the modern workplace, SHI has helped organizations adapt to continually changing work models, supporting every employee regardless of location. Our transformational capabilities begin with helping you define a strategy, and continue with solutions like device procurement, modern desktop solutions, Zero Touch X deployment, and robust adoption programs. We help you recognize the full value of your hybrid work investment while enabling the best end-user experiences, no matter the location or preferred device.

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SHI Strategic Partners - Enduser Computing & Collaboration

Deliver on the Promise of Hybrid

A thriving hybrid workplace requires revolutionary intent. Defining a strategy is critical to support changing expectations of the end-user experience – from attracting and retaining the best and most diverse talent to ensuring engagement and productivity. Find out how SHI can help you get there.


The Future of Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of every business. Beyond the essential need to connect coworkers with each other for productivity, collaboration technology provides a path for intentional inclusivity and long-term innovation. The geographic shift in workplaces has its challenges, but you also have new opportunities. Virtual and mobile technologies open entirely new market segments, talent pools, and ways to innovate, inspire, and succeed.


Modern Device Deployment, Management, and Disposition

Managing devices is exponentially more challenging in a hybrid world where users and devices are geographically diverse. Partnering with a company that specializes in supporting distributed workers means that your employees get what they need, when and where they need it – and your IT team can continue to focus on moving the business forward.


Maximize the Productivity and Efficiency of Your Digital Workplace Investment

Implementing new technology is only the beginning. Ensure success by supporting employees from the start with quality training. A robust training program empowers employees to explore how tools work best for them – resulting in faster adoption, more efficient use, and positive experiences.


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