Case Study:

National law firm adopts winning endpoint defense with SHI and SentinelOne

SHI provides data-driven recommendations that bolster the customer’s security posture without raising cyber insurance premiums.


Customer Profile

One of the largest injury law firms in the U.S., with over 3,000 employees nationwide.


To maintain cyber insurance coverage, the customer needed to urgently transition to a modern and proven endpoint security platform.


End-User Solutions

SHI deployed SentinelOne Complete and Vigilance MDR, which balance automated tools with professionally managed services to create a holistic endpoint security solution that protects against modern threat actors while aligning with the customer’s cyber insurance requirements.




  • Addressed cyber insurance compliance without raising premiums
  • Enabled simple onboarding that scales with the firm’s rapid growth
  • Accelerated and modernized the firm’s ability to respond to cyberthreats
  • Integrated support for future and legacy Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems


When one of the largest injury law firms in the United States learned their cyber insurance required a robust modernization of their endpoint security strategy, their IT security team needed to identify the solution that could best service their rapidly growing, nationwide team of over 3,000 employees – and fast.

Having trusted SHI as a close partner for over six years, this law firm came to us to help navigate their cybersecurity journey.


During an initial discovery call, SHI’s endpoint security teams evaluated the firm’s threat landscape and compared their needs to the capabilities of multiple industry-leading cybersecurity brands.

Our experts drew additional insight from a competitive analysis SHI recently conducted between SentinelOne and another leading brand. This report was at a scale comparable to that of the firm’s needs, and the data suggested SentinelOne – with its triage of investigation, remediation, and rollback tools – was a premiere answer to the firm’s urgent and future needs.

Leveraging this data, SHI’s cybersecurity team recommended deploying SentinelOne’s Singularity Complete bundle along with Vigilance MDR. These solutions include:

  • Integrated ActiveEDR visibility for both benign and malicious data
  • Patented Storyline enabling fast root cause analysis (RCA) and easy pivots
  • Data retention from 14 to 365+ days
  • Built-in static and behavioral AI analysis
  • One-click remediation and rollback
  • Deep control of network access, USB devices, Bluetooth peripherals, etc.
  • Rogue device discovery and quarantine capabilities
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring, Triage, and Response

The breadth of services in these SentinelOne offerings would keep the law firm compliant with their cyber insurance while giving them the tools they need to combat modern cybersecurity threats.


Impressed by SHI’s resources and the data backing SentinelOne’s services, the law firm chose to move forward with Singularity Complete and Vigilance MDR.

Adopting SentinelOne has since enabled the law firm to:

  • Address cyber insurance compliance without raising premiums
  • Onboard new users at scale with locked-in, per-user licensing rates
  • Accelerate and modernize their ability to detect and respond to cyberthreats
  • Support future and legacy Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems

For many organizations, cybersecurity can seem like a never-ending game of cat and mouse. SHI is proud to have helped our customer deploy an effective and modern security solution from SentinelOne that will not only scale alongside their organization, but also continue to evolve against current and future cyberthreats.